Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thank A Librarian! It's National Library Week.

April 11-15, 2016, is National Library Week!

I love the library so much.  Our family depends on it.  All are welcome at the library and everything is free. In addition to being able to find and check out awesome books, music and more, the Chesterfield County Library always offers an array of fun community events such as discussion groups and classes. The library is one of our family's "happy places".  We always leave the library happier and knowing more than when we went in.   I could go on and on.

The staff are amazing.  I want to share a few examples to prove my point.  Once, I left my wallet there on a Wednesday and didn't realize it until Thursday, a day when the library was closed.  A librarian from the main branch went out of her way to meet me and retrieve my wallet that day.  In another instance, I brought my 7-year-old to a drawing class being held in the library.  We forgot to bring a photo, and the librarian patiently helped me print a photo with the library's computer.  

Not to mention, I'm married to a librarian.  Being married to one, I have a better understanding that librarians do NOT just find books.  I would try to explain what else they do but this lady explains it better!

So during National Library week, take time to show some appreciation to your library or a special librarian!  
How?   Here are 10 ideas:
  1. Simply say "Thank you for ___insert specific thing___" to a librarian this week!
  2. Write a letter, email or speak with the branch manager and share your praise with examples.
  3. Write a letter to a librarian expressing your appreciation.
  4. Print, color and give a librarian a thank-you certificate.  (Great for kids!)
  5. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper to express your appreciation of the library and its staff - with examples of course.
  6. Nominate a Steller Library Worker at this website
  7. Publicly post on the library's social media about a positive experience!
  8. Volunteer your time or join your local Friends of the Library
  9. Advocate for public support of library services
  10. Tell your friends what a great experience you had at the library!