Wednesday, October 2, 2013

VERY Quick and EASY Halloween Crafts

The kids are already really into decorating for Halloween.  These days I am into simple, easy and cute crafts!  Here are a few crafts that almost anybody could do with just simple stuff you probably have around the house.  No trip to the craft store required!  Enjoy!

1.  Ghost Garland  (or Bats or Pumpkins)
You need:  Paper, markers, scissors.
We did these, but instead of making them 'linked' we just cut out a stack of ghosts from white typing paper.  The kids gave each ghost a unique face using markers, glue and glitter, and then we taped them to a long piece of twine.

2.  Paper Plate Masks
You need:  Paper plates, pain or markers, scissors.

3.    Monster Magnets
You need:  Bottle caps, googly eyes (or eyes drawn on paper), whatever you can find!
You don't NEED to make them into magnets; use them to play color or sorting games!  But if you have old magnets that need a "refresh", give them a monster makeover!

4.  Coffee Filter Spider Web
You need:  Coffee filters or paper, scissors.

5.  Q-Tip Skeleton
You need:  Dark paper, light paper, Q-tips, scissors.