Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama Rally in Richmond Virginia - a Photolog {10.25.2012}

Waiting in the long line to get in the gates which opened at 9 AM.

Thanks Anita for making me go even though it was my idea and I tried to back out!

Finally we got to the security line!  Metal detectors and handbag exams.

The eager, patient crowd.  Speeches didn't start until 12:00!  We waited over 3 hours in the hot sun.

The long view to the stage.

The view below when I took a seated breather!  They passed out the water bottles and am sure they cleaned up afterwards... there was nowhere else to put them!

People on the edge were trying to pass water to those in the center of the crowd.  I heard several people passed out!  I felt dizzy a few times... the people... the sun.... the thirst! 

We made friends with those around us and helped with their babies!  Anita is a natural.

The view behind us.  An impressive sea of people.  I never heard or saw an unkind thing and felt a great vibe.

FINALLY!  Can you see President Obama!!!  He's the little white speck waving his hand on the stage!  It exhilerated us all to finally see and hear him!

A blurry shot that captures the spirit after he spoke.

Me in my new presto-change-o Women for Obama $5 shirt!

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