Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking with My Memories - My First Giveaway!

You may not know that I love scrapbooking.  Over the years I've made quite a few but when Big Sister and Baby Genius came along, all scrapbooking ceased.  What's sad is this is the time when I really wish I could do more of it to put the HUNDREDS of pictures we take to good use AND compliment my journaling with beautiful photo books.

{Insert a shout-out to my mom, who has made several scrapbooks for me and my kids!  But there's just something about doing it yourself... you know?}

Enter:  MyMemories Suite Software.  I am flattered that they found my blog and approached me to try it out and tell people about it.  It is the coolest thing!  Look what I made in less than 10 minutes.  It was super easy, fun and fast.  I would not lie to you.  And the coolest part is I can print it, download it, email it, make a book, a JPG, share it on Facebook or whatever!  There are lots of pre-set pages or you can design your own; there's a nice selection of embellishments, paper choices, and so much more! 

The price is pretty decent too - $39.97 for the software (or $29.97- keep reading!).  I once tried one of those online upload-your-photos and make a memory book.  I had a Groupon and still paid something like $30 for the small, basic book.  For almost $40 you can make unlimited pages - a much better deal - AND you can make books, calendars, movies....  lots of cool things!  This would be a GREAT tool to make home-made Christmas cards and gifts!  (Think... calendars for the grandparents...)  Truly if this is your 'thing' you should check out the website:  My Memories Suite.

Here's the best part:  For my readers, enter the following code to receive a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the store - $20 value!  STMMMS40533! 

But Wait!  There's More!  I also have a FREE giveaway for a lucky reader!  Simply visit the My Memories Suite webpage, choose your favorite design, and comment below telling me how you'd use the design and the software and you could win a free copy of the My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software!  SWEET!  (Drawing will be held Sept. 30!)  *BONUS entry if you also become a follower of my blog or LIKE the MyMemories Facebook page!

Tell your friends and family to do this too!  I LOVE giving free stuff away!  Trust me - this is worth it if you love scrapbooking or doing creative projects with photos!


  1. OK I'm in :) As you know Alexis is adopted & we finally have some pictures from the families that cared for her before she came to us, to make a life-book for her. Every baby deserves a photo album and now she can have one :) We can scan in the pictures & use a design like "Shabby Spots" to make it feel cheerful and kid-friendly. So if you like my idea enter me in the drawing... please and thank-you!!!

  2. PS - I'm also following. If nothing else it was good motivation to learn how to do THAT!!

  3. I really like the "Super Chef" design. I've been dying to make a cookbook with my grandmother's recipes. I'd also probably use the software to make an annual Holiday letter.

  4. i will totally use this software to design and re-design pictures of my niece and the sea turtles for the most part and who knows what else!!! would love it to make photo books and collages! :-)

  5. The program looks very simple to use, which I love. I have a competitor's software and it's, er, not so simple. I loved the Construct It template for a photo book of our house-building experience with my dad. I can relate to you on that I have kids, there is none getting done. Digital is the way to go!