Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where My Girls At?

This post is rated G!  :)

Yesterday I did my first 'show' type event with Scentsy.  It was fun.  It renewed my energy to sell Scentsy.  Why do I sell Scentsy, do you ask?  Even if you didn't ask I'll tell you because I think a lot of people who know me think it's unlike me.  First of all, it's fun.  It smells really good.  It makes our house smell great...  it masks the everpresent odor-mix of diapers, wet dog, multi-species poop/pee/vomit mix and dinner-du-jour.  (By the way, I've been meaning to invite you all over for the weekend -- sound appealing?)  Also, the success of it depenends entirely on my own steam which is appealing to me.  What can I make of it?  I've always had a tiny dream to own my own business and it's giving me a taste (or scent - ha ha) of that.  Finally, I make some money doing it.  A hobby that actually makes you money?  What's not to like. 

So yesterday at Victory Lady Fitness in Short Pump, I met some awesome women who own, manage and go to that gym.  I'm thinking of joining myself!  They did not pay me to say that.  Also - I met some great potential customers and some very cool women who also sell stuff.

Now I arrive at the point of this post.  There are a lot of companies out there that women are selling things for.  Scentsy.  Avon.  Mary Kay.  Party Lite.  Thirty-one.  Stella and Dot.  ItWorks.  Pampered Chef.  Arbonne.  Miche bags.  And more - and my apologies if I misspelled any of these companies' names.  This is my blog-version of a Shout Out to them. Where my fellow sales-gals at?  Holla!  I realize - as we all should - that you're doing something you enjoy, trying to grow yourself and support your families.  Double holla!

Since I started selling Scentsy I've gotten a variety of reactions.  Some people act like I'm selling used cars or suddenly have a contagious disease and avoid me and the topic.  Some people act like it's a bother that I even told them about my new endeavor, saying that they just steer clear of friends selling things.  Some people have been really supportive, respectfully interested - and some couldn't wait to try it out! 

I encourage you all to try out this last category.  Let me ask you.  Would you rather buy Maybelline or Cover Girl, and support Queen Latifa's or Drew Barry Moore's paycheck?  Or buy similarly-priced products from Avon and support your neighbor's bottom line?  In a time of high unemployment, I unequivocally vote for the latter.  I love Queen Latifa but I'm pretty sure she makes more than my neighbor.  And if you buy Yankee candles anyway, why not give Scentsy a try?  It's safer and you are helping a friend instead of a faceless far-away company.

I don't care if you ever buy anything from me, but if you did you'd get the highest quality customer service, as I'm sure is true of many of your friends who may be selling stuff.  Think about this as Christmas approaches, or the next time you buy a tube of lipstick at Walgreens or a necklace you just have to have.  Imagine that 20% or more of your purchase could help a fellow mom or friend put food on the table (or get a newer car, get new carpet or go on a real vacation - these are my goals).... and maybe you'll make a different choice.

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  1. I'm still loving your blogs and agree with your thoughts. I know I am your Mom, but your brother and Dad and I are really loving our scentsy. I have even touched it when heated and it is warm and not hot and is very safe - most of all I love that there is no hot, hotness or fire as with candles. Keep at it!!! Love you. Mom