Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Should We Boycott Next??

Chick-fil-a, you won't be getting our $ anymore.
First, it was JC Penney. (Or JC Penny?  Is there an S?)  I began boycotting JC Penney's when the news broke that they were selling this shirt targeting girls ages 7-12.  Despicable.  I think it's great that they took it off the shelves, but somebody in their organization a) decided that at one point it was a good shirt, b) decided it was something JC Penney should sell and c) obviously didn't see a problem with it.  THAT's what I see as the problem.  So I haven't bought anything there since .  Which is a little sad because I used to really like them, much to the dismay of persons-to-remain-unnamed who basically said "ewww gross!" when I told them I shopped at JC Penney.  And now you understand a little bit about the priority of clothing in my life.

Now it's Chick-fil-a.  Or Chick-fil-A.  Or some other iteration of Chicken filet.  My husband informed me that recent reports seem to suggest their foundation arm has discriminatory policies towards homosexuals and has given quite a bit of money to anti-gay organizations.  This is a much more important reason to boycott a place.  I understand not to believe everything I read, but there's enough there for a reasonable doubt.  Not only does it conflict with our personal beliefs of equal rights for all people and support for gay marriage, but it surely has an impact on the chain's work environment and who they hire.  Hopefully an investigation is in the works.  So despite them having the cleanest indoor play areas in all of greater Richmond and having great Tuesday night free kids meals, I am agreeing with my husband on this one and the boycott has begun.  SeeYaLater despicable suckers. 

And now I've used the word despicable twice in this post.  Next up:  unconscionable.  And why are the names of these places so hard to spell?

I am really tired of the parade of unsavory, unconscionable acts by big corporations.  But JCP and CFA are standing on the shoulders of giants such as Wal-mart, KFC, Abercrombie and Fitch, Lehman Brothers, Johnson and Johnson (formaldehyde in baby products?? Oh yeah I'm boycotting them too) and others who take their customer's money and use it - knowingly and intentionally - irresponsibly.  Technically I guess they can do that.  Well, actually, I don't know if they can 'do whatever they want' as some people say - legally, that's up to the courts to decide.

I DO KNOW that I can do whatever I want with my money (except I have to pay taxes) and I'm exercising that right by NOT SPENDING IT at these deplorable places AND now I'm telling you about it as well!  I am also very interested in joining the Occupy movement but - and this is not a comment on their employment or sanitation issues - I am too busy with the rest of my life, job, etc.  So bummer there.
Where else should I boycott?  Bring it on!!!  Pretty soon I will be grinding my own flour, raising sheep and spinning my own wool for clothes, buying a cow and getting milk and butter.  Now I'm getting carried away --- but it doesn't sound like a half bad idea.  Let's see if my husband will join me in that hairbrain scheme!


  1. Don't forget juice companies with adding inorganic arsenic to apple and grape juice

  2. They could announce tomorrow that the chic fil a sandwich has arsenic in it and i would gladly eat one for lunch