Friday, December 9, 2011

Working With Style

OK.  I am not wild about this picture, but I've been wanting to link up with the Liberating Working Moms Working with Style series / blog hop for a while now.  So here it is!  I love this outfit.  Regardless of how I think it looks in the picture, I feel good in it.  It makes me feel like "myself."  There's something about jeans or tights+boots that just put me in a good mood and good frame of mind.  But there's something about taking a picture of yourself in your office using the auto-timer on your camera that just makes you feel very weird not unlike the feeling of confessing you've done something naughty.  Perhaps Santa will knock me down on his list for this.  But if he hasn't, if you're reading dear Santa, bring me more of these skirts!  And tights!  And boots!  For they make me happy.  Despite feeling a little be-frazzled in the morning, lucky to have gotten a shower, having given up on taming my crazy hair long long ago, an outfit you feel good in is priceless.
Shirt:  Teal; Gift from my in-laws for Christmas last year, by Jeanne Pierre.
Tights:  Purple; Kohl's
Boots:  Brown; JC Penney (though I'm currently boycotting them; see previous post).


  1. Love the boots and skirt, and the color of the shirt looks beautiful on you! Excited you joined in this week! I tend to take self-portraits in the mirror, so you did better than I usually do on the picture!

  2. That's a great outfit!! I love the length of that skirt...I need more skirts.

    I always feel super weird taking a photo of myself and there's NO WAY I'd do it at work because I work with all guys and we all share one office and I would NEVER hear the end of it! :)