Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scientific(ish) Parenting: Getting Big Sis to Eat Her Vegetables

Two posts in a row?  And two in Scientific(ish) parenting?  Goes to show you I've been thinking about this a lot!  I have quite a few more lined up too!  Unlike the potty training graph, this one is a current experiment in progress for Big Sister.  (Potty training is in progress for Baby Genius, however... stay tuned for a comparison chart in the coming years).  I think the graph below and accompanying text say it all.  You might ask - why don't you use the 80% success rate approach more?  I have two cookbooks to help me in this quest - one from The Sneaky Chef and the other from her arch-nemesis, Jerry Seinfeld's wife - here.  I am working on figuring out what things the whole family will eat that I can hide veggies in.  Would love recipes if you have some to share!  :) MB

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