Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Free Android Game Apps for Toddlers Worth Downloading

I am so resistant to getting an iPhone it's not even funny.  Please don't defriend me for that last statement and any related statements against iPhones hereafter.  

I have an Android phone and love it. specifically, we have the G'zOne phone which is GREAT for toddlers because it is virtually indestructible (they did NOT pay me to say that). However, I am IRRITATED that every list of "best apps" I see are all apps you can only get on the iPhone. ARGH!  Another mark against the iPhone!  Exclusive holier-than-thou well-designed beautiful technology monopoly-wanna-be-take-over-the-world peanut heads.  And your commercials are so irritating.  ANYWAY. 

So, here is MY list of the best apps available on Android for toddlers.  Because I have a toddler and a little person who was recently a toddler and loves my phone.  And most are FREE because I refuse to pay for apps.  Please add your reviews and faves!

They are kind of in order by worthiness of having.

Toddler Lock
  1. Toddler Lock - FREE. Age:  from time a child can grasp and move one finger.  There are no ads and it 'locks' the phone so your toddler can't accidentally order hundreds of dollars in crap!  The music is tinkly and not annoying, and the child gets to draw with their finger and watch as colors and shapes appear and fade.  Has never crashed.
  2. Blast Monkey - FREE.  Age:  3+.  Very fun game where you have to shoot a monkey out of a cannon so he can get the bananas.  Increasingly difficult levels.  No annoying sounds.  
  3. Where's My Water - FREE.  Age:  3/4+.  A Disney app where a dinosaur tries to find water, in various levels.  Probably for slightly older preschoolers; our 4-year-old says it's kind of hard.
  4. Angry Birds - FREE.  Age:  3+.  The classic game of catapulting birds to kill pigs who stole their eggs.  A crowd pleaser for kids of all ages, it seems.  Though kind of violent.
  5. Where's My Water?
  6. Find It! - Classic version.  FREE.  Age:  3+.  Compare two pictures and tap on where they are different!  Our daughter loves these types of games.
  7. Coloring book type games.  FREE.  Ours is just called ColoringBook.  It has a lot of pages to choose from, lots of colors, minimal ads, and you can upload or email the finished product very easily.  
  8. Memory Games - FREE.  There are a variety of these.  Just pick one or two and try them out.  It seems that the more downloads doesn't mean anything, but the rating usually is reflective of the quality.  We have Hello Kitty and a Princess one.  I wish there were more high-quality ones with lots of options. 
  9. Puzzle Games - FREE.  Also, there are a variety of these.  Just search for 'puzzle' and your child's favorite character or thing.  We have a princess one that is pretty good.  Some allow you to choose a picture from your phone and turn it into a puzzle!
  10. KidMode - FREE.  Age: 3+.  It has a variety of games and videos your child can choose from.  For us, this was a little complicated, took a lot of space and memory, and often crashed, just making our little one upset.  But if you have a lot of free space on your phone it may work better.
  11. Ant Smasher.  FREE.  Age:  2+.  The ants come out and you smash them with your fingers!  Kinda gross but also fun.  Just like toddlers! 

Our phone.  The G'zOne

We tried the FREE version of Cut the Rope - But the ads are full-page REALLY annoying.  Friends have recommended the 0.99 cent version.  I will suck it up soon and do that but there is something WRONG about putting your credit card # straight into a phone.  I also would love to put an animal noises one on this list but I simply haven't found on that we've downloaded and liked enough to keep.  They have been slow, crashed a lot or had too few animals on them.  Would love advice! 

<3 mb

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