Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Quirky Neighbors, Part 2

Our magnetism towards quirky neighbors has continued in Richmond.

It all began the first night we moved in.  I went outside to the car at night to get something to eat, and a teenage-looking boy was outdoors too getting their trash can.  I said - "Hi!  I'm your new neighbor!" and he proceeded, in a fake British accent to say something like "Why hello good lady.  It is a great pleasure to meet you!  Best of luck to you and safe and happy driving!"

What a lovely greeting!

Recently somebody hit our mailbox (see above picture).  I went over to his house to inquire whether they had seen or heard anything when our mailbox got smashed.  Guess who answered the door.  "No I haven't seen or heard anything weird outside.  I see a lot of weird things inside my house."  Imagine him saying this in a creepy Lurch-from-the-Adams-family kind of voice.  His brother and his friend (both clearly high) stopped by later to give moral support to our neighbor-friend kindly fixing the mailbox.  "Good job, man!" they both echoed.  "Hey, did you know I'm a nurse?" he asked me.  Then he peppered in some disparaging comments about how much doctors sucked.  "Oh yeah?" I asked.  "Where do you work?"  Now I know where I will likely never go for health care.

Their dad openly carries a gun.  Even while he mows the lawn.  The other day, we saw him outside and Hubs said he at first mistook him for his son.  "Ahh you're funny!" he laughed.  "If I had my gun right now I would shoot you!"  Ha ha ha.  We all laughed.  

Their mom occasionally sits in the car and listens to loud music for a while by herself.  (Who could blame her?  Sometimes I want to do that too.) 

There is a lady down the street whose sweet daughter used to walk our dogs.  I will take partial responsibility for this debacle.  We can trade quirks on this one. In a nutshell, I called the pound to come get her dog.  But the dog was roaming in the street, had no tag and I was scared it was sick.  I was basically a superhero and saved its life.  She didn't see it that way, and her daughter shortly decided to stop walking our dogs.  

Well, the other day I saw the same dog again, roaming the streets.  I am not about to let any dog get killed needlessly.  So I went up to her door (kids in the backseat still) and rang the doorbell.  Then again.  Then she walked right past the glass door, past me, ignoring me. 

Oh, it was ON.  

I rang-rang-rang.  Then knock-knock-knocked.  Loud.  I could see her standing in the kitchen, clearly ignoring me.  Then I started yelling - YOUR DOG IS LOOSE.  JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW.  Finally she opened the door (not for me, but for the dog who was finally on the porch.)  

Me:  "You should really answer your doorbell when somebody rings it like that." 

Her:  "I'm taking care of my daughter!  She was in the ER last night."

Me:  "I'm sorry to hear that.  I understand but I was just trying to help you."

Her:  "No you DON'T understand!"  {closes the door}

Me:  "You're welcome."

I love each and every one of you.  Let your quirk flag fly!

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