Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm still a vegetarian! And other updates.

This picture is not relevant to this
post but I haven't taken any
of myself lately!
So... I've been biiizzzzz-eeeee lately.  [AKA busy but really really busy.]  Why?  Not that it matters, but work work work work work + kids + kids kids + marriage + dogs + life and stuff.  There are so many "works" because I basically have 2 full-time jobs crammed into one and it really wears me out each day.  Ex. Haust. Ing.

Also, I've cut back on some things for happiness' sake.  Facebook, for one.  And I'm happier! [Thanks hubs for making me do that.]  Also, I no longer write for ...  but it's still a rockin' blogazine so check it out.

One question that keeps coming up is - Are you still vegetarian?
Haha. Yes.  I think I'm in it to win it.  I don't know how long it's been, but I haven't even been tempted.  Still it's had its challenges.

For one, I realized I was creating more family tension by not buying or making meat for anybody else.  Well, we bought chicken nuggets and hot dogs, but I mean like - MEAT.  Steaks, pork chops, bacon.  So I caved and have started buying and making those things for the fam.  What sucks, though, is when they don't eat the meat I cook.  That's almost worse, for me.  Some poor animal lived a pretty horrible life, in all likelyhood, and now I have to just throw their flesh away or feed it to the dogs.  It just makes me sad and guilty.

The other thing is, I feel like I so quickly decided to become vegetarian that I didn't realize the rituals about eating meat I would miss.  I used to love me some grilled hot dogs... and summer is coming up, my first summer without them.  I never even got to say goodbye.  [OK so maybe I still can.]  Also, I kind of miss easy go-to meat snacks and meals, like pepperoni slices, ham sandwiches, and ye old hamburgers.

Oh well.  None of that makes me want to turn back.  And I'm on track now to actually be a better vegetarian.... aka, more vegetables!  We've joined a group where we get locally grown veggies delivered to our house every week! I'm SO EXCITED!

So yes I'm still vegetarian if you were wondering.  And I'm still a blogger although not much lately.  I've had work to do.  :)

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