Friday, May 10, 2013

Southern Girl At Heart

I may have tried to fight it at various points for various reasons but I'm a southern girl at heart.  I would like to submit into evidence the following facts.

I cannot complete a day without saying "y'all."

My favorite part of a country song is when they yell "yee haw" or "come on!"  I am not responsible for how loud I yell those parts in the car alone.

Oh yeah, I like country music.

Specifically, I like country songs that even have incorrect grammar, use swear words, and reference beer.  Especially when it's a woman singing it.

I lived over half my life in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

I love me some cowboy boots and always wish I had a nice pair.  Maybe for Christmas this year.

Though the actual skill alludes me, I admire line dancing, square dancing, and other dances practiced more in the south.

Give me a porch swing and some sweet tea, and you won't find a happier girl.

The smell of gardenia just makes me swoon, and the sight of honeysuckle makes me feel like a kid all over again.

I could get used to riding in a truck with a lift kit.  Do they make such trucks in environmental friendly modes, like hybrids?

So think what you will about me.  Who knows.  Everybody's an enigma in their own way....  but while you won't catch a confederate flag or a gun rack anywhere near my abode, nor will you find me signing my kids up for cotillions or making ballgowns out of drapes, I am proud to be counted among the army of southern girls.

That is, if they'll have me.

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