Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are Our Kids Geniuses?

OK If you don't like it when people brag about their perfect children, then stop reading now. I'm going to brag about my kids. They are amazing, beautiful, curious, little miracles.

Big Sister is three-and-a-half going on ten. Here are several of her hilarious quotes from this week.

Me to her: "Honey, when we're at the performance, you have to be very quiet so everybody can enjoy the dancers and the dancers can concentrate." Her to me: "But mom, I can't hold my breath that long!"

When we were out having lunch with a colleague last Friday, my friend is explaining her organization to me and refers to a new Board Chair. Ivy, happy to contribute, says "Oh! I got a new couch!"

On Saturday I took her to a local dance festival. I was in pure joy, as she asked me questions and got excited each time a new dance troop came out. "Mama! They have tutus like me!" or "Mama, their costumes are really cool!" My favorite was, when a couple did the fox trot, the lady was wearing a white dress. Big Sis: "Mom, they're getting married!"

She can almost write her name, is amazed at what words start with which letters, and has scored off the charts on developmental screening tests. She does things that some five years olds can't do yet. Dress herself. Brush her teeth. Remember things, compute ideas, and regurgitate them with very clear understanding.

Baby Genius is the same way, in his own way. He only has about 30 solid words in his vocabulary but he understands EVERYTHING you say to him. He has almost mastered going up and down stairs by himself. He's been feeding himself since about 10 months' old, and throwing things in the sink and trash since he could walk. He can clean up his toys like a pro. He loves to 'cook' and knows all the steps when he helps me. He plays a mean game of Memory for his age. He remembers almost all the words in books his dad reads to him at night. I could go on and on.

Clearly, my kids are geniuses. But WAIT! That directly contradicts the title of this post!

The thing is, in reality, my kids likely aren't geniuses. Of course I think they are. Any mom will tell you their kid is a genius. The fact of the matter is, all those moms are right. ALL kids are geniuses in their own way. So by virtue of EVERYBODY being a genius, none of them are.

Where I'm going with this is - I feel our challenge is to nurture the 'genius' in them. And not let the 'real world' squash their genius... which is what I think happens. Any ideas on how to do this??? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Oh Mary Beth! I absolutely LOVED your post! You are exactly right on. Your children may not be geniuses but you are nurturing them and adding wonderful experiences to their knowledge base. As a mom of a "genius" too, I exposed Andrew to so many things. No, he isn't a genius. As a teacher, I saw too many parents who did not interact with their children in such positive ways. It makes a world of difference. It's like a hobby that we love and enjoying each new development of these amazing little miracles that are so much a part of our existence. I love seeing your pictures on Facebook. You are a wonderful mom!!!